postcardWe publish a print issue of Phoebe every winter and sell it for $7 on Submittable. We publish a free online issue every spring.

If you contributed to our winter issue, we’re honored to give you two copies by way of thanks. If you’d like more, please order them via Submittable.

We sell print back-issues for $6, by traditional mail only. Checks can be made out to “Phoebe–GMU”. If you want to order a back-issue, please say which one. Lots are sold out, which is cool, but also prevents posterity, which is why we’re currently working on an archive of the warehouse; well, the warehouse is really more of a closet. Actually, it’s a locker in a closet, which sounds much less impressive. C’est la vie.

Mail checks or inquiries for print issues to:

phoebe tweakedPHOEBE
MSN 2C5 George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA. 22030

Of course, if we take a long time, or if you only want to know if something’s sold out, you should probably just email us for a faster response.