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Cover art: Unknown artist

from: A Border Comedy

From Phoebe 25.1, Winter 1996 Lyn Hejinian Stories often go into the dark and stay there To change Springing from nocturnal sounds Into experience which daylight might otherwise obliterate Drawn from dark moods which cannot be called linear We change the stories in our biography Make use of life And it is very strange, the flowing…
Cover art: "Craftsman" by Ken Jacobs


From Phoebe 17.2, Winter 1988 Alan Cheuse Cover from Phoebe 17.2, winter 1988 ____ ______ is the author of a number of other books, none of which you’ve probably read. This new novel you’re holding in your hands took him three years to complete, and it almost didn’t get published. Worse, it almost never got written.…